The evolution of the sports car rises to the Olympian heights of the single-seater.
A new and revolutionary HyperCar, entirely made in Italy, has been conceived beyond conventional perimeters and performance limits, offering a unique driving experience.
This is “Project PJ01”

Juri Pambuffetti

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My Dream

What does a driver feel when driving a single-seater? You are about to find out with the Pambuffetti “PJ01”. The first HyperCar with a setup inspired by the current Formula 1, made to provide the same sensations on the track and on the road. This begins with the driver’s seat, designed for a comfort that, until now, has been reserved only for the champions. Complete aerodynamics, of such complexity, make for the total immersion into the flow of the aerodynamic channels. The rough, deep voice of the ten-cylinder; the lightness and rigidity of the steel and carbon shell, for a power weight ratio close to 1.5 kg / hp. With an efficiency exceeding its category under braking, curve and speed, the Pambuffetti “PJ01” was created to enhance the potential of sports driving on the road, mixing out-of-class determination with an active safety never experienced before. The technological research, the instrumentation and an important know-how in the design, allow this completely hand built HyperCar to aim for excellence. Beautiful on the outside and truly surprising within; this is an extremely high-performance car, designed and built for the pure pleasure of the driver. That driver is Juri Pambuffetti, the inventor, who envisioned it for a long time and is now living the dream of achieving it.

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The Car

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Technical data

The Story

Juri Pambuffetti is a mix of simplicity, extraordinary abilities, profound skills and an unbridled love for everything that is mechanical.
He is only 45 years old but already has over 35 years of experience in the car sector. His story begins in his father Giuseppe's workshop between the roar of the engines and the smell of gasoline: "They are the sounds of my childhood, the scents I've always breathed".

The DNA of the family tells no lies and there, between chassis and mechanic’s tools, the spark strikes, the petrol begins to flow in the veins and the passion towards the world of cars becomes visceral. "I grew up knowing that I would continue Dad's work. I rushed to the workshop whenever I could because it was my passion. I went to school in the morning but I spent the rest of the time in the workshop. I did a little of everything. Those years taught me to understand the whole production process."

Juri is a natural talent. At the age of 6, he was already able to wire-weld. At the age of just 13 he made a Buggy entirely on his own, transforming an old Fiat 500 from which he removed all the bodywork to replace it with a frame made of steel tubes. At the age of 5 he learned to drive on Dad's lap; at 10 he moved the 12-meter buses to the workshop; and by the time he was 11 he was driving a Porsche: "I had to drive with a cushion, because I couldn’t reach the pedals". A few years later it was time for the first Ferrari: "an incredible emotion".

Then, at seventeen, it was love at first sight! The first driving course on a single-seater, with a Henry Morrogh on the Magione circuit: "It was a magical day, the beginning of a love affair that would transport me to where I am today. For me there is only one racing car: the single-seater”.
Since then he has toured all the most beautiful circuits in Italy with his cars. Out of pure passion; for the desire to race; for the pleasure of working on them until late at night to set them up.

The adrenaline rush, the excitement of pushing for excellence in performance. He was already dreaming of building the perfect car, a superior quality vehicle, the racing car he had always wanted.
In the meantime, at the age of eighteen he joined the company: "staff was needed so I seized the opportunity and left school". This was a turning point for Juri and New Car, the family company, which is now preparing to face the challenge of the new millennium.

The family company was founded by Giuseppe, Juri’s father, in 1985. Today it is at the forefront in the design and production of exclusive and customized buses. More than 1600 vehicles have been built in just over thirty years, all completely tailor-made: “There are no standard creations. Any vehicle, small or large, more or less luxurious, is still special and different from the others, according to the tastes and desires of the customer".

Juri and his father are among the architects of this success. He puts both his head and his heart into it, with a constant factor: quality. And his company resembles him: "We are always looking for exclusive and cutting-edge solutions to offer unique products. Our vehicles are safe, reliable, maneuverable, sophisticated in design and fittings, created “ad hoc” to improve habitability and the travel experience".

Over time, the Group has become more diverse, with a 2000 square meter auto body shop and the production of the C205, the acrobatic ultralight branded by New Car. Flying is another of the family's passions and so Delfina Airfield was created. One of the most beautiful in Italy, with 850 meters of grass runway, a flying school with single hangars for private planes, and even a restaurant: “My father was a volcano and he still is! Growing up and working with him was exciting. He passed on his passions and he believed in me. The family company is my life. It is wonderful today to share the results we have achieved with all our family."

Here is a story where a child’s dream becomes a reality; where passion, nourished by constant commitment and determination, comes to fruition. In this dream, over thirty years of experience, the last challenge is rooted: the PJ01, a project destined to change the idea of ​​sports driving on the road…

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