The story

Juri Pambuffetti is a mix of simplicity, extraordinary skills, profound expertise and an unbridled love for everything mechanical that can walk, run or fly.

Born in 1975 and almost 40 years of experience in the automotive industry. His story begins in dad Giuseppe’s workshop amidst the roar of engines and the smell of gasoline: “These are the sounds of my childhood, the scents I have always breathed”.

The family DNA doesn’t lie, and there, among the body shops and mechanic’s tools, the spark ignited, gasoline began to flow through his veins, and the passion toward the world of cars became visceral. “I grew up knowing that I would continue my father’s work. I would rush to the workshop whenever I could because it was my passion. I went to school in the morning but spent all the rest of the time at the company. I was doing a little bit of everything. Those years helped me understand the whole production process”.

Juri is a natural. At 6 years old he is already welding wire. As soon as he was 13, he made a Buggy entirely by himself, transforming an old five-hundred from which he removed the entire body and replaced it with a steel tube chassis. He learned to drive at age 5 on dad’s legs, by 10 he was already moving twelve-meter buses in the workshop, and at 11 he was behind the wheel of a Porsche: “I had to drive with a pillow, because I couldn’t reach the pedals.” A few years later it was time for the first Ferrari: “a great thrill”.

Then, at the age of seventeen comes the thunderbolt! The first driving course in a single-seater, with Henry Morrogh on the Magione circuit: “It was a magical day, the beginning of a love affair that would lead me to where I am today. For me there is only one racing car: the single-seater”.

Since then he has driven around all the most beautiful circuits in Italy with his single-seaters. Out of pure passion, the desire to race and the pleasure of working on them late into the night with the intent to fine-tune them.

The adrenaline gets into him as does the intention to push himself to performance excellence. He already dreams of building the perfect car, a superior vehicle, the race car he has always wanted.

Meanwhile, at the age of eighteen he joins the company, “they needed staff and I jumped at the chance and left school”. It is a turning point, for Juri and for New Car, which is preparing to face the challenge of the new millennium.

The family business, founded by Joseph in 1985, is now a leader in the design and production of exclusive, customized buses. More than 1,600 vehicles have been built in a little more than 30 years, all completely custom-designed: “There are no standard creations. Each vehicle, small or large, more or less luxurious, is still special, different from the others, according to the tastes and wishes of the customer”.

Juri along with his father is among the architects of this success. He puts his head and heart into it as well, with one constant: quality. And his company resembles him: “We are always looking for exclusive and cutting-edge solutions to offer unique products. Ours are vehicles that are safe, reliable, easy to handle, sophisticated in design and fittings, created ad hoc to improve the habitability and travel experience”.

Over time, the Group diversified with a 2,000-meter auto body and the production of the C205, the New Car-branded aerobatic ultralight. Flying is another of the family’s passions, and thus was born the Delfina Aviosuperficie, one of the most beautiful in Italy, with 850 meters of grass runway, a flight school, individual hangars for private planes, and a restaurant. “My father was a volcano and still is! Growing up and working alongside him was exciting. He passed on his passions and believed in me. This company is my life. It is wonderful today to share with our whole family the results we have achieved”.

Here is a story in which a child’s dream becomes a reality, in which passion, nurtured by unwavering commitment and determination, is not slow to yield results. Rooted in that dream, in 30 years of experience, is also the latest challenge, the PJ01, a project destined to change the very idea of sporty road driving…


Making such a high-performance car requires the collaboration of important partners who, in addition to being benchmarks in the automotive industry, are true masters.


Realizzare una vettura così performante richiede la collaborazione di partner importanti che, oltre ad essere dei punti di riferimento del settore automotive, sono dei veri e propri maestri.

Pambuffetti Automobili srl

O6O39 Trevi (PG) – ITALY

VAT no.: O36525OO541



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