My dream

What does a driver feel when driving a single-seater? You are about to find out with the Pambuffetti “PJ01”. The first HyperCar with a setup inspired by the current Formula 1, made to provide the same sensations on the track and on the road. This begins with the driver’s seat, designed for a comfort that, until now, has been reserved only for the champions. Complete aerodynamics, of such complexity, make for the total immersion into the flow of the aerodynamic channels. The rough, deep voice of the ten-cylinder; the lightness and rigidity of the steel and carbon shell, for a power weight ratio close to 1.5 kg / hp. With an efficiency exceeding its category under braking, curve and speed, the Pambuffetti “PJ01” was created to enhance the potential of sports driving on the road, mixing out-of-class determination with an active safety never experienced before. The technological research, the instrumentation and an important know-how in the design, allow this completely hand built HyperCar to aim for excellence. Beautiful on the outside and truly surprising within; this is an extremely high-performance car, designed and built for the pure pleasure of the driver. That driver is Juri Pambuffetti, the inventor, who envisioned it for a long time and is now living the dream of achieving it.

“I have always driven both sport cars and racing cars. I’ve always dreamed of getting out of a racing car and getting into a car with a license plate, but with the same feelings. To feel the responsiveness of the brakes, the instantaneousness of the gear changes, and to find myself at ease, just as I would be in the cockpit of the racing car I had just left in the pits.
Anyone who has tried it knows that the driving position of a single-seater is so comfortable and natural that I knew I had to transfer it to the car of my dreams.
My objective is to realize the car I’ve always dreamed of, a car of superior quality.
I trust my staff as they’re right for the job; I have created the workforce that I desired.
I’m sticking with my tastes, with my needs. Deep down, this is the car for me! But my goal is to share it with those who share my passion”

You need unbridled passion, ability, a love for challenges, a desire to overcome yourself, opportunities, so much humility and a pinch of “madness”: Juri has everything.
The project, after initial planning, took off in 2017.
The team is strong and united. The first challenge to face was the mechanics; and what would be the heart of the Pambuffetti “PJ01” slowly took shape.
Then we moved on to the aerodynamic aspects that, thanks also to the arrangement of the driver’s seat around which this “revolution” revolves, achieved its Formula 1 potential.
A car created with such inspiration, yet providing considerable downforce.
The greater the downforce, the greater the performance.
By pushing the limits of its performance, safety can only increase.

The guarantee of limited production, with only 25 units, further enhances the concept of product exclusivity.

Conceived and inspired by Motorsport, synonymous with high performance and high reliability; from the steering wheel to the braking system; from the driving seat to the gearbox; from the electrical system to the aerodynamics; the Pambuffetti “PJ01” will be entirely customizable. Not only, of course, in the details, but in the ‘tailoring’ of its character! Extreme or extremely adaptable; the many settings allow for a uniquely personalized car to suit the occasion and the temperament of the driver.

Do all sports cars look alike?
Not any more!


Making such a high-performance car requires the collaboration of important partners who, in addition to being benchmarks in the automotive industry, are true masters.


Realizzare una vettura così performante richiede la collaborazione di partner importanti che, oltre ad essere dei punti di riferimento del settore automotive, sono dei veri e propri maestri.

Pambuffetti Automobili srl

O6O39 Trevi (PG) – ITALY

VAT no.: O36525OO541



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